Best Christmas Gifts for Her 2018 – Girlfriend, Wife, Sister

Last Updated December 05,2018

Holiday season just is around the corner. Most awaited time of the year when families come together and celebrate Christmas in its true colors. The coming of Christmas brings with itself the joy of reunions and also the stress of getting things done just in time. Thinking about the stress of decorating home, prepping for the meals and last but not the least; gift shopping can become a little overwhelming. Gift buying is a daunting task in itself and if you are buying it for that special “her” it can be very intimidating. Just remember one thing; putting an extra thought into some ordinary gift will make it special. So, below are few ideas of Christmas Gifts for the lovely ladies in your life.

1. Ultimate Gift Hamper: With all the running around and getting things done during the busiest time of the year, all she needs is a little pampering. Let her know that you love her, care for her and how really appreciate all her efforts; pamper her with “Ultimate Gift Hamper”. The ultimate hamper may include variety of things; from indulgent skin care products to feet and body massagers. The ultimate gift hamper can contain everything required after a stressful and hectic day. You can add as many items as your pocket allows to this special hamper. Get it nicely wrapped with ribbons and bows and wait to see “her” expression and smile of appreciation. Whether it’s your mom, wife, sister, aunt, grandma or girlfriend, this special hamper will make them feel extra special. 

Gift Basket - Refreshing Fragrance Enriched with Natural Argan Oil

2. Robot Vacuum: Gone are the days of buying kitchen utensils or ovens as Christmas gifts for lady of the house. Paying attention is crucial for buying a gift that she will love. In this fast paced era, products that make life easier and work for you while you sit back and sip coffee are considered thoughtful. Robot vacuums, although are a bit expensive but will surely uplift “her” mood and will be worth the value. Whether you are buying it for your mother or significant other, robot vacuums will leave them awe-struck with its modern design and kind of convenience it offers. So this Christmas, be genuine and empathic and buy her a gift that she will appreciate.  

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

3. Ancestry DNA Kit: This DNA kit is a real hit this year. Although it is just limited to testing DNA at home and getting to know about the family history but being unique, it will make a great gift. Certain kits allow you to find nationality percentages and gives insight into biological makeup. Being a unique product, it will sure surprise the wonderful ladies in your life. This holiday season, enjoy some one-to-one time and find more about the ancestors with this one-of-a-kind gift.

AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity

4. Something Personalized: Instead of buying something off the market racks, this year go above and beyond to get her something that sweeps her off her feet. Personalized gifts are unique, thoughtful and timeless. Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets are ultimate woman pleasers and if you get name initials engraved on these pieces of jewelry these will be the finest addition to their collection. 

Classic Name Necklace Personalized

5. Smart Assistant: If nothing else pleases her, this definitely will; Smart Assistant. Who doesn’t like little assistance here and there? And if it is a Smart Assistant, there would definitely be something special about it. Voice controlled assistants can help control most of your home devices. From playing music to making phone calls, these smart assistants are best for every task. So why do it yourself when you can ask Alexa, Echo or Siri to do it for you. This Christmas, go straight and buy a smart home assistant for your better half while knowing that the whole family will be enjoying it eventually. Smart, isn’t it?

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker With Alexa

6. Home Theatre: December, Christmas holidays and family reunions are incomplete without Christmas movies and if you haven’t seen a movie on JMGO N7L which is an Android-powered portable projector with 1080p native resolution and 700ANSI lumen brightness, you don’t know what you are missing in life. Women are not into techie stuff mostly and there are few who appreciate electronic gadgets but once they have watched a movie on this smart projector, they wouldn’t demand a cinema visit. This Christmas, bring home JMGO N7L as a gift for the special lady and spend holidays watching all the movies from “To Watch List”. 

JMGO N7L, available at Aliexpress and Amazon UK  

7. Hand Warmer: Why buy mittens when you can buy hand warmers. Zippo Hand Warmer is a cool product that will make an awesome gift for “her”. Every time she slips her hands in the pockets to warm them up, finding the hand warmer in pocket will make her wonder how much you care for her. You can always pair it up with thermal insoles, stylish knit hat from Michael Kors and a luxurious scarf for the stylish ladies in your life.  

Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

8. Hair Dryer Set: No one can understand the struggle of a woman with freshly washed frizzy hair or morning wake up hair than another woman. This Christmas solve the hair styling problem of the lovely ladies with this hair dryer set by Sephora. The set contains Blow-Dryer, Ceramic Round Brush, Sparkle Spray, 3-in-1 Texturizing Spray Blanc Scent, Detox Dry Shampoo Original Scent and Glitter Hair Ties; in short everything for a stylish hairstyle. Don’t forget to praise her hairstyle on the Christmas Eve. 

PARWIN PRO Professional Multi-styling Toolkit

9. Fragrances: Roses and lilies can never go out of fashion, but buy “her” a gift that lasts longer than flowers; fragrances. Looking and smelling beautiful is what every woman wants. Buy one or as many as you want because more is always less when it comes to perfumes. Make the ladies feel special this Christmas with some beautiful branded fragrances. 

Sofia Vergara Eau De Parfum Spray

10. Gift Cards: You can literally buy anything online and from stores but you wouldn’t know the reaction of the ladies until the gift is unwrapped. Gift card is a smart choice for all those men who have difficulty remembering likes and dislikes and tastes of the ladies in their lives. A gift card will allow the ladies to buy for themselves whatever they like or need. They will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Gift cards are not as exciting as diamonds but they offer freedom of choice which is quite valuable. 


Amazon Gift Card in a Black Gift Box

No matter what you buy for women they will always ask two questions: where did you buy it from and what is the return policy. Save yourselves from these questions and buy a gift that is well received, appreciated and cherished. The countdown to Christmas has begun, so get ready for the gift buying marathon for all the lovely ladies around you. 


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