Buy JMGO Projector, Get 3D Glasses For Free!

Last Updated August 31,2018

Hi, JMGO fans! 

JMGO smart projectors allow you to stream YouTube and Netflix videos(movies) while connected to Wi-Fi, and with a pair of JMGO 3D glasses priced at $29.90 you can even enjoy the 3D content on YouTube and Netflix. Now, good news is that we can give you a free pair of JMGO original active shutter 3D glasses, but we need your help to share your experience with our products and rate our products quality on Amazon to let the world know that there's a great smart projector worth buying now. 

To get JMGO 3D glasses for free, follow these steps:

Step 1. Buy one of JMGO projectors at Amazon UK,

Step 2. Share your experience with the product and rate the product quality on 

Step 3. Email your product review URL and order number to us at

Step 4. We'll ship you the 3D glasses within 5 business days once receiving your Email.


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