Enjoy The Oscar Winning Movies 2010-19 on a 100” Big Screen at Home

Last Updated February 25,2019

The stars, the glitz, the glamour, the lights and sounds of the red carpet. Everyone loves to see the stars of the big screen looking glamorous on the red carpet. Sure, you can watch it on a regular t.v., but wouldn’t it look so much more glamorous projected at 100” in stunning 1080p HD on a wall or big screen in your own home? The 91st Academy Awards, commonly referred to as the Oscars, are being held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California on February 24, 2019 and being broadcast by ABC. With a JMGO N7L 1080p portable smart projector, you can watch the Oscars at home, or anywhere else, in stunning HD.

What are the Oscars?

The Academy Awards are awards for cinematic achievements in the film industry. Actors, producers, directors, engineers, and various other contributors to the industry are assessed by the Academy's voting membership and awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) annually. According to the Academy Awards Database, there have been 3,072 Oscar statuettes awarded. This year’s ceremony will not have a host after Kevin Hart announced he would step down in early January.

The most sought after prize in the industry is the award for Best Picture. Of the 546 films nominated for this category, 90 winners have been announced to date. Over the years, the picture quality in these films has increased significantly with some of the largest gains made in the last ten years. Check out this list of Best Picture winners from 2010-present:

2010 (82nd): The Hurt Locker  
2011 (83rd): The King's Speech 
2012 (84th): The Artist 
2013 (85th): Argo 
2014 (86th): 12 Years a Slave 
2015 (87th): Birdman 
2016 (88th): Spotlight 
2017 (89th): Moonlight 
2018 (90th): The Shape of Water 
2019 (91st): Green Book

 Play GREEN BOOK, winner of Oscar best picture 2019, on JMGO N7L

How Do You Appreciate These Movies At Home?

Any one of these films would look amazing projected at 1080p HD in your home. However, to truly appreciate the clarity and brightness these great films require, you need a quality projector. The JMGO N7L 700ANSI 1080p portable smart projector is the answer. There are many options available when considering a projector for your portable entertainment needs. I’ve tried many different projectors in my search for a quality portable home entertainment projector because there are a lot of things to consider when finding the projector that’s right for your needs. Brightness, picture quality, sound quality, size and weight, fan noise, price, and automation are just a few of things that should be considered.

JMGO N7L portable 1080p smart projector

The JMGO N7L stands out as one of the top projectors in this ever expanding market. The picture this little projector can produce is unable to be described in words. You have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate the clarity. The 1080p resolution make these Academy Award winning films looks stunning. Additionally, the sound production from this lightweight and compact projector is impressive due to its symmetric design and HIFI speakers that produce cinema quality sound that makes you feel like you’re right in the theater. The JMGO N7L can also double as a bluetooth speaker when in standby mode, giving it dual use for your money. The small circular design makes the JMGO N7L not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also enables it to be placed in areas that are not traditionally used for large projectors. 

All of the glitz and glam of the Oscars can only truly be appreciated in 1080p HD at 100”. With that size and clarity, you can see every detail of your favorite star as they deliver their acceptance speech. Watch your favorite star give the performance of their life in one of the great films listed above. The cinema quality picture and audio provided by the JMGO N7L will make you feel like you’re right back in the theatre watching it for the first time; no matter where you are. 


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