Great Ways To Have Fun With Your Projector

Last Updated December 20,2018

Projectors have become an integral part of our professional and personal lives. They make it easy for us to work and complete our tasks. Projectors are also a great source of entertainment at home. You can watch movies and TV channels and play games on a large screen for a cinematic experience.

Projectors are just not limited to work and entertainment. They can be used to have fun in many ways that go beyond their conventional uses. Projectors can be a valuable asset when having friends over for a party and for keeping your energetic kids occupied. Here are a few great ways to have fun with your projector that you might not have thought of before.

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Teach The Kids Interactively

A projector is not only a source for entertainment but can also be used as a tool of learning. You can play educational movies for children which will grasp their attention and help them learn. Besides the movies and video clips, there are many interactive crosswords and puzzles games available for teaching the kids. You can organize a small competition between children and their friends and host a quiz with small rewards for correctly answering questions. It will provide a fun and interactive way of learning.

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Outdoor Movie Nights

Whether you need an excuse for inviting your friends and family over or want to entertain hyperactive children, an outdoor movie night is one of the best ways to have fun with your projector. You can host a small get together event and invite your friends over for a few snacks and a movie in the backyard. While it is possible to have a movie night inside the house, watching a movie under the starry sky has a unique charm. 

Host A Gaming Night 

If you love playing games and have a bunch of friends who are also into them, then you can consider hosting a gaming night on your projector. You and your friends can play your favorite games and finally settle who is the best at them. Projectors have a large display area and can allow two or even four players to play at a single time via the split screen gaming mode. You can race your buddies on your favorite track or have a frag deathmatch to see who comes out on top. Just make sure you have enough controllers on your gaming console and some snacks nearby for fueling those adrenaline-rushing gaming sessions.

Undertake An Art Project

Maybe you want to enliven up your dull backyard wall with an artistic masterpiece, or maybe you want to encourage the budding artist in your children, a projector can assist you with both. You can use the projector to project an outline or greyscale copy of the image or design you want to adorn your wall or other surfaces with. It will allow you and your children to trace the image, making it easier to create a spectacular artwork.

The children will be able to fill in the artwork easily and just as they want it to, minimizing the chances of making a mistake or requiring correction. It can be a great way to keep your kids involved during the holidays. And it is not just limited to your home. You can also employ a projector to decorate your office or studio.

Show Your Puppetry Skills  

Every one of us has used our hands to create puppets in the light of a lamp when we were kids. Why stop doing the same now considering how much fun it was? You can project a white image on the wall using your projector and use your hands or actual puppets. You can tell your kids a fun story (or a scary one) in an interactive way or bring to life their favorite book using puppets and figurines. It can be their favorite superhero taking on villains or their favorite dinosaur roaring around. It even allows you to goof around with your friends or spouse and have fun when you are bored.

Usher In The Holiday Spirit

Everyone waits excitedly for the holiday season due to the festivities and the time we get to spend with our family and friends. We all love decorating our houses and establishments with decorative lights and ornaments to kick in the festive season. A projector can further enhance the appearance of your house and make it warm and exciting. You can use it outside the house to imbue its exterior with the holiday spirit. Create digital snowflakes if you are missing on the real ones or watch Santa Claus zoom across on his reindeers to ring in Christmas. If you are hosting a birthday party splash a wishful message and if celebrating an event, go for some spectacular fireworks without polluting the environment. You can even use projectors to spice up your hallways or living room for Halloween. 

Let Your Kids Soar in The Skies or Swim With The Fishes

Playing a movie on the projector is not the only way to keep your kids entertained. You can also use the projectors to send kids soaring into the sky and traverse galaxies. Several applications enable you and your kids to experience the sensation of traveling through space. They allow you to explore stars and planets as if they were up close and personal. You can also use the projectors when your children are swimming to give them a view of the aquatic life using suitable applications. They can swim along with the fishes and watch different animals found in the oceans and rivers. CelestiaStellarium, and Vertigo are a few such applications that will entertain your kids.

Create An Exciting Dance Floor With A Laser Show

A party is incomplete without some dance and fun, and a dancefloor could always do with some exciting lighting. Don’t worry, you can create your own dancefloor in your house without having to spend a significant amount of money using your projector. You can use various laser show applications along with your projector to project light beams for creating an exciting ambiance. Some of the laser show applications might even allow you to sync the lights along with your music. Your house will be as happening as a popular hangout place in your town if not more. And you don’t have to pay an entry fee either. You can even use the laser show to entertain your kids and tell stories. MusicBeam is a popular software for projecting laser shows.

Project Your Smartphone Screen Using The Projector

Modern smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are capable of performing most functions that were traditionally limited to laptops eliminating the need for carrying the latter. The only downside they have is their small screen. However, your projector can allow you to project your smartphone screen for providing a large working area. You can use an adapter to connect your smartphone to the projector though some might also support wireless screen mirroring. It can be beneficial both at home and even at work. 

Entertain Your Buddies and Family  

While every night spent with your friends is a great one, sometimes you just run out of things to do. Maybe you were planning on going out for a trip, but the rain watered down your plans. Or maybe you are tired of your usual activities and want to do something new and fun. Projectors can come in handy during such scenarios. They allow you to play board games on a large screen in an interactive way. You can compete with your friends for puzzles and quizzes and even play traditional games like dumb charades digitally using applications.


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