How can you create a super private theater in a bedroom with 6㎡ which can only fit a bed?

Last Updated September 28,2018

You normally need a large space if you want to live comfortably. So how can you decorate your small bedroom which is less than 10㎡ in order to be relaxed? Let us solve your problem today.

If you can only fit a bed in your bedroom, what is the best way to manage it?

Some bedrooms are really small, probably around 6㎡. Hence, the space organization is vital.


1. Put the bed against the wall. It maximizes space in the room and it is also easier to walk around the room. 

2. Stay away from tall beds and furniture which can lower the visual centre and make the space larger. 

3. Use white for the large area of the room and decorate with brightly colored ornaments which can make a small room more interesting. 

Decorating the wall with wallpaper can also make the bedroom lovely.

A small shelf on both sides of the bed is functional and space-saving.

Small bedroom? We can get everything into it.

It is not impossible if you want to have a workplace and rest area in a small bedroom. Organizing and maximizing are vital.


1. Consider having a smaller bed if you live alone.It can save more space. 

2. Measure out the size before shopping for furniture,opt for smaller size for saving space. 

3. Using a chandelier or wall lamp next to the bed which will enhance the light and save more space.

Using a CD shelf for the bookshelf can help to provide enough storage

You can use auxiliary lighting if the color of entire room is a little dark.

The sofa can be unfolded to reveal a comfortable double bed and folded as a reading corner.

Functional shelves can also be used as decorating tools that add interest and dimension to your walls

Building the atmosphere is important if you want to be relaxed. 

A tiny space can access to security, decorating some stuff will make a cozy world.


1. Using auxiliary light (such as floor lamp, belt lamp, string lights) properly can help get your lighting right. 

2. Using lighter colours in your bedroom and decorating with bright colours for your beddings, curtains or carpets. You can choose the materials you prefer but choose the colours carefully. 

3. Aromatherapy can create an atmosphere that is relaxing and calming, and this can help you wind down to sleep.

Lazy sofa +carpet, you can lay down whenever you want.

Put some plants on bedside, combining the string light can be more cozier. 

Aromatherapy can create an atmosphere that is relaxing and calming, and this can help you wind down to sleep.

Multifunctional entertainment bedroom, bring the theater home.

You deserve to have your own life, you can have "poetry and future " even at home.


1. A projector can bring you a higher quality of life as you enjoy movies in your own private "cinema" .

2. Fully immerse yourself in your favourite music with Bluetooth audio.

3. Experience 3D gaming, increasing the pleasure in your life.

Bring the theater to home. Enjoy a movie in your exclusive "cinema"  

Bluetooth stereo speakers with independent, you will be extremely joyful by surround sound system.

Playing games with super large screen, make your life more joyful.

JMGO N7L 1080p Smart Projector

For just $598, you can grab our flagship product: JMGO N7L 1080p smart projector, which employs a blend of metal and natural fabrics to fully optimize the audio. It is the perfect combination of creativity and craftsmanship. Featuring a throw ratio of 1.2:1; Auto Keystone correction of ±45° Vertical & Horizontal Full Support and autofocus, it is perfectly suited for a small room.The N7L also features 27 Image Quality Enhanced Technology and Colourful Enhanced Technology, a closed lens cover, dust protection, and focus stabilisation. The N7L is capable of projecting up to a 100 inch screen within a short distance, and the keystone correction is also applicable when watching 3D movies. 2GB DDR3 RAM + 16GB storage makes the system run perfectly smoothly. 

You can enjoy your life even though the room is small!

Have you got the tips for arranging your tiny bedroom?


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