How To Play YouTube Videos On A Projector

Last Updated January 24,2019

The advent of the Internet has changed the technological and the real world drastically. One of the primary changes has been seen in the way information is being shared and broadcasted. YouTube is one such platform that has drastically impacted the landscape of information sharing.

With YouTube supporting a wide range of resolutions ranging all the way up to 4K UHD format, users can indulge themselves in an extravagant and enchanting experience by watching YouTube videos on large screens. People may often want to play YouTube videos on projectors especially in classrooms, office meetings or at homes. Here are a few ways through which users can play YouTube videos on projectors.

#1. Visiting the Website

If you have a device like a laptop or a computer with a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, then you can visit the website of YouTube directly and play videos on the device. The laptop or computer can be connected to a projector for displaying the videos on the projector screen. Users can browse and search different videos on the YouTube platform and play these as they deem fit. There is no need to install any application except the web browser which is already installed on almost every computer or laptop by default.

#2. Installing the YouTube Application

YouTube also provides an application which can be installed on different devices. The application allows users to access the YouTube platform in a similar way as they would access it via a web browser. However, it enhances the user experience on the devices that have a relatively small screen size or come with touchscreens. There is no need for a laptop or a computer.

Users can connect their devices to the projectors directly by using HDMI, VGA or other adapters or wirelessly via applications like Apple AirPlay. The YouTube application is available for a wide range of devices that include handheld devices like smartphones and tablets from different brands, gaming consoles including Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, smart TVs including Apple TV, and other android, chrome, iOS, and Windows based devices.

#3. Using A Smart Projector

JMGO N7L Smart Projector

There are many smart projectors also available from different brands that enable people to watch YouTube videos. These projectors have a dedicated processor, RAM, and storage and come with an inbuilt operating system like the Android OS. The operating system allows users to install web browsers as well as the YouTube application. Users can either visit the YouTube website or use the application for playing videos. Smart projectors connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi network or have a slot for installing a 4G SIM card. Users do not have to carry a laptop separately for using the smart projectors.


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