Most Popular Home Decoration Trends in 2019

Last Updated December 05,2018

If you are in process of building a new home, shifting from one place to another or simply want to change the overall look of the current place, you might be thinking about hiring an interior decorator or designer to do the uplift professionally. Although you can do it yourself, but hiring a professional may seem necessary as they have more insight into current trends. If you keep an eye out and do a little research on the popular trends, you can do it all by yourself. Home decoration doesn’t mean stuffing your house with overpriced furniture, costly crystal ornaments or expensive fixtures. It means utilizing the available space in a way that it not only looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, it is also comfortable for its inhabitants and welcoming for the visitors. Home decoration has seen various trends from classical vintage to up class luxurious, here are a few that will be trending in 2019:

1. Minimalist Home Décor: A relatively newer concept but most trending for home décor in 2019 would be “minimalist”. According to minimalist approach “less is more”. Monotone colors, least possible furniture and classy décor items are basic elements of minimalism. It allows more room to move around, less cleaning and tidying up and better utilization of space. It rids you from buying unnecessary items piling up of non-functional space eating items. This approach allows you to do more with less, play around basic shapes and simple lines and subtle colors. Even smallest places will look bigger, brighter and harmonious.  

2. Futuristic Home Décor: Gadgets have become an inevitable part of present day lifestyles. From smart phones to smart assistants, technology has replaced outdoor activities with virtual games and manual mopping with robot vacuums. The new home décor trend in 2019 would be futuristic, where smart assistant will be taking instructions for ordering pizza and setting the room temperature while you are still driving home and robot vacuum will be doing the cleaning while you are enjoying coffee. Lights that turn on and off with gestures and voice controlled music player, a futuristic home will look more like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

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3. Organic – The Go Green Home Décor: With more and more people opting for modern lifestyles, there are still who are returning to basics. Living a healthy and organic life shows not only in the eating habits but also in the home décor of the people who love nature and opt for organic. Home décor with nothing but plants will be a new trend. People will show their personal style and love for environment through eco-friendly furniture, sustainable fabrics and decorative items. Use of non-toxic chemical free products will be prevalent. Home-made chemical free soaps and air fresheners, recycled products for decorative purposes, Himalayan salt lamps for beneficial indoor lighting, stress relieving indoor plants (peace lily, snake plant etc.) will be seen in “green and organic” houses in 2019. For plants you need sunlight; so bigger windows with curtains in lighter shades, wallpapers and upholstery in subtle tones that reflect light will be incorporated in organic home décor. 

4. Traditional Home Décor: Interior designers and decorators around the world come up with unique and creative ideas every year to amaze their clients. Where 2019 will see various advancements in technology, certain things might remain consistent; the way people decorate their homes. Traditional way of decorating homes incorporates floral patterns in curtains and bed linens, lots of cushions and rugs, traditional wood furnishing, wooden wall paneling and abundance of decorative items. Vibrant colors, wide variety of textures ranging from velvet to brocades and vintage decorative items and lamps add a touch of elegance and classical look to home interiors. Traditional is more of a “grand parent’s place” look and it will continue to be adopted in 2019. 

5. Convertible Home Décor: People living in apartments and smaller house prefer interiors that offer maximum utilization without overcrowding the space with unnecessary furnishing and decorative items. Multi-purpose or convertible furniture is functional and elegant at the same time. Retractable and wall beds, sofa cum beds, coffee tables that transform into dining tables, convertible console to dining tables, mirror folding tables and sofa cum bunk beds are space saving solutions for urban dwellers. These pieces of furniture are functional and practical and add a touch of sophistication to the home interiors. They require little to no effort for transformation.    

6. Multi-Culture Blend: It is not necessary to decorate the entire home on single theme. Adapting decorative accents of different cultures and styling each room differently will not only be fun but will satisfy a creative soul. For those who want to try different decorative styles at one time, they can opt for a blend of different cultures in home décor. Use wooden furnishing and vibrant colors in one room and brass accented furnishing and decorative items in the other, try Bohemian décor for living room and Moroccan accents in the kitchen. 

7. Modern Home Décor: Modern home décor is a blend of glass, steel and metal in a way that everything looks neat and sleek. Use of pastel colors, solid straight lines and textured accents are special features of modern home décor. Magic can be created using contrasts, balancing the tones and incorporating textures. Accent furniture pieces can be highlighted using lighter wall colors. Striking lighting fixtures, unique center pieces, mirrors, crystal ornaments, unconventional wall décor, ceramic sculptures and hand woven rugs will add chic look to the modern interiors. 

8. Natural Home Décor: Natural materials and use of earthy tones will be popular in 2019. Natural way of decorating homes is organic and eco-friendly. Wood, clay and marble pieces are extensively used to beautify the homes. Plants in terracotta pots, clay decorative plates, wooden utensils, terrariums, succulent center pieces, branch wood stands, indoor water features, marble sculptures and stone ornaments; all contributes towards soothing vibes that nature has to offer. Even natural stones, plants and wood can be used to create “power wall” in a nature inspired home. Nature inspired wallpapers, bed linens in tropical prints, curtains in deep blue and green shades and pressed flowers/leaves wall frames will help you enjoy true colors of nature.    

Like every New Year, 2019 will see several changes. When it comes to home décor, select a style and trend that suits your lifestyle and taste. Any style that works for you, offers convenience and inspires you should be opted with confidence.                  


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