No Television? 6 Ways to Beautify your Living Room

Last Updated November 23,2018

For decades, televisions have always been the most vital element in the living room. It is not exaggerating for some to describe it as the totem of modern homes. 

A good renovation starts from the living room and the older generation believes that watching television in the living room is the way of life. However, in the internet era, televisions have gradually become a mere ornament in homes of many. 

If one is living with their parents, there might still be chances for the television to be used occasionally. Else, it might be hard to say. Many influencers whom the editor have known, did not have televisions in their living rooms. 

At the first look, their living room may seem to be missing something. In the matter of fact, their lives became much more sophisticated without the unnecessary furnishings.

 As such, if your television at home is not adequately utilized, consider breaking the traditions of having a television-centric layout for your living room! 

 The editor picked 6 ways on how you can give your living room a new look.

01 Refreshing Décor Wall

Naturally, no effort is needed in designing a TV wall without the television. It would also be unlikely for you to save that empty wall for your awards and certificates. 

 So, why not allocate a wall in the living room for decorations? That way, you have a place to show off your wild ideas and artistic self.  

Hanging photographs and artworks on the wall can enhance the coziness and the looks of the living room.

Yes, this is possible not only in showrooms but your neighbor's house could already look just like this!

02 Installing Large Bookshelves 

If you are a studious bookworm and there is a lack of space in the house for books, consider having your book collections in the living room.

Having bookshelves in the living room not only settles the storage problem but it also transforms the whole living room into the family’s library, adding a scholarly atmosphere to the house.

Smaller homes could consider smaller bookshelves like these, to avoid making the living room look too packed.

03 Transformative Storage Shelves

Item storage remained to be one of the most headache-inducing problems faced by owners of small-sized homes. 

Arranging a storage shelf against an empty wall in the living room will give space to items that were needed to be kept.

The unique design of a living room is not only pleasing to your eyes, it is also a way to exhibit your great taste to your guests.

04 Improved Guest Hosting Space 

The core function of a living room is to accommodate incoming guests. Usually, the layout of the sofas would position the television in the middle. Without the television, you are free to place your sofas according to your preferences, habits, and needs. 

Triggering the mode of freedom to place your sofas wherever you want.

Owners who organize friends gathering frequently could place their sofas, chairs or stools around a coffee table. 

 Few friends sitting around a coffee table for a heart to heart talk is far more interesting than staring idly into the television together.

Stools are not only practical but they are also suitable for people of all ages and even as a decoration, improving the overall look of the living room. You should honestly get one of those!

For owners who need to welcome guests in a more formal setting, they could choose to place their sofas and chairs symmetrically in the living room.

Without the television, the atmosphere in the living room feels more serious, making it advantageous for formal discussions.

05 Moving in Computers and Beds 

Presently, computers gradually displace televisions while smartphones attempt to do the same to computers. However, in terms of work and gaming, smartphones are still unable to displace computers entirely. 

 By moving computers into the living room, you will be able to do work and play games in the living room, switching between work and entertainment interchangeably. 

If your house is small and you do not need to host guests, you could even move your bed into the living room. The original bedroom could then be used for other purposes. 

That way, not only will the small-sized home not look packed but it will also have an added layer of romance in the air.

06 Bringing Cinemas Home

Although television is gradually abandoned by the younger generation, movies are still well-liked by the majority. 

 If you remove the television and convert your living room into a private cinema. This is how your living room could look like.

The emergence of the laser TV completely solves the problem of demanding layouts and space requirements by the old television. The looks of it are extremely cool too! Go on and invite friends over during the weekends for a movie party…

JMGO SA Ultra-Short Throw Smart Laser Projector/Laser TV

Evidently, a living room without a television could bring in more fun and possibilities. Through meeting the needs and preferences of all family members, one could build a home that is unique and suitable for their own family. 

 The 6 ways to give your living room a new look shared above can be implemented on its own or in combinations. 

 In the area of furnishing, innovative ideas are never too much. Only the courageous can help their living rooms break away from its typical look. 


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