Watch And Stream The NFL Season On A Projector

Last Updated January 29,2019

With the 2019 Super Bowl ready to kick off, the atmosphere all around is electric and lively. Passionate fans are already on the streets, chanting for their teams. Most of them have booked their tickets for cheering their teams from the stands. Those who can’t make it to the stadium will be supporting their teams from the couches of their living rooms or their favorite sports bars.

While watching NFL matches on a small screen is possible, watching them on a large screen has its unique appeal. Large screens allow you to experience the game as if you were in the stadium itself among your fellow supporters. While TVs with a large screen size are quite expensive to buy, projectors provide a great alternative option for die-hard sports fans. They are relatively affordable and can project the NFL matches with up to 180” imagery.

You can invite all your buddies who share your love for NFL and watch the games on a large screen using projectors. Most projectors may require a set-top box from a television service provider to broadcast matches live. 

However, there are also a few smart projectors available that don’t need a set-top box. Smart projectors come with operating systems and Wi-Fi capability for allowing you to install applications from different streaming services. You can connect the projector to a Wi-Fi network and stream NFL seasons live without requiring a set-top box using an internet browser or by installing an application.

If you are looking for a smart projector to watch and stream the NFL seasons, then here are a couple of excellent recommendations for you.

JMGO N7L Projector – Watch NFL Anytime, Anywhere

JMGO N7L smart projector

Are you an ardent NFL fan who doesn’t want to miss a moment from the matches but have to travel during the season? Then take the JMGO N7L Projector along with you. It is a portable smart projector that allows you to enjoy the NFL matches on a large screen. The device comes packed with features that are at par with standard home theatre projectors. It has a unique, eye-catching design with a sleek, modern finish that will complement the décor of your living room. It projects imagery in 1080p Full HD resolution allowing you to watch your favorite teams in action.

You don’t need a set-top box from a television service provider. The JMGO N7L projector has an inbuilt OS based on the Android platform. It allows you to install applications for streaming content or use an internet browser to visit websites that stream NFL season live. The Dual-band Wi-Fi enables you to connect the device to a Wi-Fi network for streaming.

There is no need to worry about any image distortion when moving the N7L projector from one location to another. It comes with the autofocus feature for providing excellent image quality and supports horizontal and vertical keystone correction of up to ±45° for rectifying image distortion.

Despite its feature set, it just weighs 1.2kg, making it easily portable. It has inbuilt HiFi speakers that have decent sound quality for sports and movies. The projector also has an HDMI port, a pair of USB ports and an Ethernet port for connecting it to other devices. You can use it as a regular home theatre projector when not travelling.

JMGO SA Smart Laser Projector – Watch NFL On A Large Screen

JMGO SA smart laser projector

If you love to enjoy NFL and other sports as well as movies on a large screen in your living room, then the JMGO SA smart laser projector will be the perfect choice for you. It is a laser projector designed to replace traditional TVs in home theatres and living rooms. The projector has an ultra-short throw ratio which allows it to project a 150” image while being placed 34” away from the screen. It occupies relatively same space as TVs and can project larger imagery as compared to them. 

The JMGO SA projector boasts of a 1080p resolution allows you to watch your favorite NFL team in Full HD with excellent detail. It can be used to project images ranging from 80” to 150” as per your requirements.

The SA is a smart projector with an Android seven based operating system. It comes with Aptoide TV preinstalled and you can also install a wide range of Android applications including those from different streaming services. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi to access the Internet but can also be connected to other devices including laptops and smartphones. HDMI connectivity is also available to connect it to consoles, set-top boxes or other media devices.

The projector employs a laser light source that produces sharp and vibrant imagery and will last up to 30,000 hours. You can watch the NFL matches with life-like colors and clarity. As a bonus, there is no need to worry about maintenance costs associated with lamp projectors.

There are four speakers provided in the projector for an immersive audio experience. It has a pair of 10-watt full frequency speakers and another pair of 5-watt high-frequency speakers for great sound quality. The JMGO SA also has horizontal and vertical keystone correction for correcting image distortion and ensuring the projected imagery is symmetrical for a perfect NFL viewing experience.

NFL Streaming Website And Applications

Do you already have a smart projector and need to know about NFL streaming websites and applications? Don’t worry, here are a few websites and applications that will stream the NFL season live.

CBS All Access

 If you are looking for a streaming service that enables you to watch the NFL season live, then consider purchasing a membership for the CBS All Access streaming service. The service provides a live broadcast of NFL as well as a wide range of on-demand content. There are two plans offered, one that allows you to watch and stream TV online and another that enables you to download videos and play them offline also.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu with Live TV is another streaming service that enables you to watch NFL live. Its subscription costs $45 monthly and carries a wide range of sports channels to watch NFL games all seasons around. You can watch it via a web browser but also get authentication credentials for logging in via their application.

DirectTV Now

DirectTV Now is a streaming service that provides one of the most comprehensive coverages of the NFL network. It broadcasts all NFL games and events throughout the year including Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. The NFL broadcast is available for “Just Right” and above plans that start at $55 per month. Website

People who want to watch the NFL via a browser can visit the website It is owned by the CBS network and allows users to access the website via internet browsers in their computers, smart projectors or tablets. 

Fox Sports Go Application

The Fox Sports Go is an application that can be installed on an Android or iOS device including smart projectors for watching NFL games that are broadcasted by the Fox network. These include Fox NFL Sunday and Thursday Night Football. However, users need to be subscribers of a cable TV provider and need to provide their login credentials for the same.

CBS Sports Application

Sports fans who want to install an application on their smart projector can also consider the CBS Sports TV application. It broadcasts the Super Bowl for free without requiring you to provide credentials for any cable service. The CBS Sports TV application is available for a wide range of devices including Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick and Google Chromecast devices. 

NBC Sports Application

The NBC Sports is another application that streams NFL Sunday Night Football games. It also allows you to screencast the game on a large display from your phone. The application requires you to log in with credentials from a cable TV provider or streaming service.

Besides the above, there is a wide range of other streaming websites and applications that provide access to NFL games. Some of them may be limited to mobile devices only. There are a few illicit applications and websites also available that may claim to broadcast NFL for free. Viewers should stay away from these as they broadcast or stream in low quality, may have security vulnerabilities and using them may also invite legal action. 



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