2018-06-22 13:59:00

How To Buy A Projector For Church Worship

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The importance of a projector in church service cannot be overlooked as it is used for various purposes ranging from projecting the preacher, bible passages, hymns, songs and announcements. Whether you are seeking to replace an old one or to buy a new one, getting the right projector could prove to be a daunting task as a result of the large pool of products in the market and ever changing advancement in technology. This piece will walk you through things you should consider when buying a projector for church worship.


Firstly, you have to decide on the type of screen you would be using to project information. You can choose between the normal projector screen and the LCD projection screens. Secondly, you would have to choose which suits your needs best between the conventional projectors or the wireless projectors. Lastly, you need to ascertain if you would need more than one projector. If you need more than one projector, don’t forget you’d need to synchronize them so the display will be uniform. If you have successfully made your decisions, then you’re good to go. Listed below are things to be considered when buying a projector for church worship.


8 Things to Consider When Buying a Projector for Church Worship.


1. The Screen Position and width: You need to ascertain the most strategic position(s) where the projector screen(s) will be located. The screen has to be placed where most people can see it without stress. You also need to determine the width of the projector screen to be used. This has to be measured.


2. The size of the church auditorium is also to be considered. Larger halls mostly make use of installed projectors. These installed projectors are heavy (about 15 – 20 pounds) and cannot be moved from one place to another. However, if you have a smaller building and will need to use the projector for other events like presbytery meeting and the likes, you can opt for a portable and lighter projector.



3. Pick a good location to mount the projector(s). The location must be well ventilated and easily accessible. The projector should mostly hang from the ceiling to get the best view except there are exceptions.


4. Calculate the throw distance. Throw distance is the distance from the tip of your projector’s lens to your projector screen. The projector’s distance should be double the width of your screen. For example, the projector should be placed 10 feet away if the width of the screen is 5 feet. There is also a ultra short throw projector which can project a 100-inch image with setting it just 20-30 inches away from the screen.


5. Brightness: It is very important to check for brightness of the projector before purchase. Projector brightness is measured in lumens, so the brightness of the image depends on how high the lumen count is. If the church auditorium has lot of light coming in from large windows, it would be advisable to get a projector with a minimum of 5,000 lumens. However, it would be best to have the lights in the church dimmed or the windows covered.


6. Resolution: resolution is defined as the number of pixels in a picture. So basically, the higher the resolution, the sharper the image will be. There are different resolutions for projectors. There is the usual XGA projection with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. This is good for display of lyrics and presentations. However, if you would be displaying videos and high resolution images, it is advisable for you to get a High Definition (HD) WXGA projector (1280 x 800) or a full High Definition WUXGA projector which is capable of displaying at a resolution of (1920 x 1080). The WXGA displays 720 pixels while the WUXGA can go as high as 1080 pixels. The XGA is cheaper than the High Definition Projectors, but you would get more value for your money from the high definition projectors.


7. Budget: You have to consider the amount of money allocated for the purchase of the projector. You need to get the projector that fits best in quality and price. There are various projectors at different prices so you can buy what you can afford!


8. Consult a professional technician before buying or better still, get a professional technician to make the purchase. There are a few necessary things professionals check for before purchasing a new projector. This would save you the stress of buying the wrong type of projector.


The list goes on but listed above are eight major things to be put into consideration when buying a church projector. Above all, if you are just getting a new projector, it is more advisable to buy the projector before buying the projector screen. Some projectors are also sold with their own personal screen. It all depends on your choice! After reading this piece, I’m sure you are now ready to purchase a projector for church worship.