2018-05-23 13:45:00

Understand What Short Throw & Ultra Short Throw Projector Is


Is it possible to project a huge image in a tiny room? Yes, do that by short-throw projector.


What's short throw projector? 


A short throw projector is capable of projecting a larger image within short distances from where the projector sits to where the screen is fixed, and this distance is called "throw" or "throw distance". So, how short is the short throw? usually we use the throw distance a projector needs to create a 100 inch image as the measure - the short-throw projector needs 1.5-4 feet throw distance; the ultra-short-throw projector needs a mere 15 inches; the long-throw projector requires 6 feet or more; the rest is the ordinary video projector.


There is also a measure, the ratio of the throw distance (i.e. the distance from a projector to the screen) to the width of the projection image, and we call it Throw Ratio. See the picture below you'll understand. Digital video projectors with 0.4 or less ratio are short-throw, while the long-throw projector has a ratio of more than 0.7. Plus, the short throw projector is developed on the basis of the original digital projector by adding multiple reflections in optical path and adapting a large-aperture lens.



The Short Throw Projector's Applications. 


The short throw projector actually can be used in any projection situation, merely is more suitable for the space-starved occasions like the trade show booths where you can project a large image to attract the attention; the small office or classroom where you present your detailed documents; the apartment you live in where you want to make a small home theater; etc.




Advantages & Disadvantages of Short-Throw Projector? 


Obviously, the advantage is that you can gain a large projection image in a small space with the short-throw projector, also it avoids the issues of distracting shadows and light shinning in presenters eyes of the ordinary video projectors. The disadvantage is the price is usually $160 - $300 higher than the ordinary video projectors, additionally, since the distance of the short-throw projector's light source to the nearest spot on the screen significantly differs from to the furthest spot on the screen due to the short throw distance, the projection image easily varies in brightness and distorts on the edge.


Can You Recommend A Short-throw Projector? If you're going to buy a short-throw video projector for your home or office, you may consider our JMGO SA which is an ultra short throw projector with 0.23 throw ratio. What does the 0.23 ratio mean? You can get a 54-inch projected image even you place the JMGO SA closely to the wall, and when you move the JMGO SA about 50 centimeters away from the wall, you'll get a 100-inch (2.4-metre-width) huge projection image.



For the problems of uneven brightness and edge distortion of the image projected by short-throw projector, JMGO SA will overcome them easily because it adopts laser light source which can shine 2,000ANSI brightness which is bright enough to completely eliminate the brightness varying problem, also, JMGO SA comes with both vertical keystone auto correction and horizontal keystone auto correction functions which are used to fix the projection image edge distortion problem. Most digital projectors on today's market has only the vertical keystone auto correction function. The JMGO SA currently sells for $3299 on JMGO's Aliexpress store. Here i just suggest you buy JMGO SA, and i bet you will do some comparison before you decide to buy, in addition, if you have a limited budget, the non-laser short-throw projector with longer throw distance will be a good choice.


OK, let me stop here, and next tell me what you think about the short-throw projector and our JMGO SA (click here to go to SC product page) in comments below ...