The N7 allows for an up to 120-inch projection picture with incredible clarity and detail thanks to its 1080P(1920*1080) native resolution, 1300 ANSL Lumen brightness,9000:1 contrast ratio, HDR10 video decoding, RGGB four channels optical path design, Rec.709colour gamut reproducing,and 27 PET.

Amazing Sound Quality

Featuring two 5w stereo loudspeakers which comes with a long-stroke large-diameter voice coil, diaphragm of composite material, and large-size closed sound chamber, the N7 makes a wide-range, high-reality, ubiquitous sound with mellow bass.

Android OS Heart

The N7 is powered by Android OS, allowing you to download and install a variety of movie & music streaming apps and games like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Plex, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, etc.

Connect Wirelessly

The N7 has a wireless mirroring function that connects it to a smartphone or a tablet accessing videos, photos and even office documents for projection. It also comes with HDMI and USB ports for wired connection.

Instantaneous Auto-Focus

The N7 has automatic focus featue built-in, ensuring that the projected image is sharp at all time with no manual operation. Thanks to the high-sensitive camera, the auto-focus is virtually instantaneous.

45-Degree Vertical/Horizontal Keystone Correction

The N7's keystone correction feature allows you to alter the distorted image 45 degrees up and down/left and right to get a square one when you cannot get the N7 aligned perpendicularly to the screen due to the environment. The keystone correction works also when projecting 3D videos.

Dual-band WiFi & Hardware Decoding

2.4 and 5 Ghz Dual-band WiFi and hardware video decoding techonolgy allow faster and smoother streaming of online videos(movies), moreover, powerful Amlogic Quad-core CPU, 2G DDR3 memory and 16G eMMC storage ensure that there is no lag and slowness in this machine.

30,000 Hours of Entertainment

The N7's pure LED lamp displays natural and rich colors, and will last up to an estimated 30,000 hours. It means that the lamp does not have to be replaced for 10 years even if the projector is used 8 hours every day. In particular, the N7's DRI (diffuse reflectance imaging) technology protects your eyes from direct light. No worries of watching too long.